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Pro Staffer Bob Wood (aka Fishwrench)
Home Town Shakopee, MN Favorite Species Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, and walleye not more than once a year. Favorite Lakes Whitefish Chain, Lotus, Medicine, O'Dowd, and Roosevelt. Favorite Techniques Deep water jigs or jig worms. Tournament Results 2008 FWBass Champion, 2012 2nd place, South Metro Bass League, Wins on Prior and Medicine Lakes. Other Interests Target shooting, Web and database development and Christian education. Where did the moniker “Fishwrench” originate? was founded in 2000 by two drunkards that couldn’t stop talking about fishing and racing. Not even sophisticated enough to jot ideas onto a bar-room napkin, we went right to Notepad and started slapping a website together. Our goal was to build a website. Beyond that, we had no purpose for doing what we were doing. Shortly after the launch of the site, NASCAR got boring, so we turned our attention to just fishing.  A number of iterations later, even writing got boring.  Now, while working on the latest iteration, Fishwrench is turning it's attention toward local tournament angler and tools that can help them.  Right now, tournament directors can promote their tournaments on the Fishwrench site for free; tax included!  Visit for more information. Describe how the Fishwrench bass league began and where you see it going. FWBass was founded in 2008, creating a tournament series for 'the rest of us'.  We are weekend anglers with full time jobs and families.  We don't have a lot of time to spend on the water, but still want to compete and put our skills to the test against our fishing peers. The next chapter for FWBass is still being written.  For now, we're at our ideal state with about 10 committed boaters and non-boaters competing in our 5-tournaments a season series. Why Huderle Custom Rods? Carbon is carbon, guides are guides, and cork is cork.  It is what is underneath the components that you can't see that makes the difference between having a well built rod or just having an expensive rod with a fancy name. I know every Huderle custom rod is hand built by Chad Huderle himself.  Great care goes to ensuring all guides are wrapped tight, handles are secured to the rod blank using the best method possible, and each rod is fine tuned to the reels I use, and my unique fishing style.  We've even gone as far to measure my forearms to ensure my flipping stick would have the utmost hook setting power. Friends don't let friends fish factory rods, and for good reason.  Buying Huderle is buying quality.
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