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Kind words from my customers...
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“I am flipping out!!  It's  GORGEOUS and absolutely perfect!  Seriously, I don't know if I can wait until May to give it to him.  I can't wait to see it in person...he's gonna freak!  You put together exactly what I wanted, when I didn't know what I wanted.  How did you do that?!  I'll be singing your praises to every fisherman I meet.”   ~ Kelly F.  “Dude, I LOVE the rod! It's a work of art!!!  Thanks so much, it's a very special gift.”  ~ Alex F. The rod worked great this weekend and its first use I caught four walleyes over 25 inches and a 20 inch small mouth can't beat that. Thanks for the great workmanship. ~ John M. “Oh man, that is so cool.  She’s gonna trip!  You are a talented man Chad.”  ~ Jeff V. Today, Paul presented me with the custom trout rod you built for me.  I am not sure what I did to deserve such a high quality item but it looks and feels great.  I can't wait to land a Trout with it!!!!  I had seen your handy work before in a couple of other rods you built for Paul, and I admired the craftsmanship.  Keep up the great work! ~ Joel K. “Russ really liked his new fishing rod!  Thank you!”  ~ Courtney H. “Gave it to him last night.  He absolutely loved it.”  ~ Robert W. “Ok, the fly rod is truely a work of art.  Can’t wait to try it.”  ~ Paul S. “We received the rod in perfect condition.  It is absolutely beautiful.  My son loves it and already has it ready to go.  I just wanted to say thanks for producing such a beautiful rod for our son's 14th birthday.  He said to me "Dad it means the world to me and I will have it and the memories for the rest of my life." ~ Lance N.  “He absolutely loves his rod, and so do I.  I have used it on a few occasions and I am totally impressed.  It is so well balanced, and the feel is incredible.” ~ Lance N. “Chad - Chris and I won a 45 boat tourney on Lake of the Woods today.  It was a Minnesota Tournament Trail tournament and I was fishin a Huderle lucky bassin stick!”  ~ Brent M.
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“Travis loved his rod!  He was online last night looking for a new reel now.  You did an awesome job.  Thank you so much:) ”  ~ Stacy B.