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  My goal is to help you increase your success on the water by building you a custom fishing rod that’ll fit your individual fishing style.  Whether you need a rod for baitcasting, spinning or fly fishing, all aspects are taken into consideration when designing your own unique rod.  These can include rod blank material, length, action, power, grip size, handle style, guides and graphics. What’s the most important thing to you when you think of the term “fishing rod”? What is an aspect of your fishing skills that you would like to improve? What are you doing to ensure you can detect every bite? I’d like to discuss your answers to these and other questions to help increase your success on the water.  I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Why a custom rod?
If you want to elevate your fishing experience above the  ordinary, ask me about creating a rod for you using cutting edge rod building techniques.  These are techniques that can increase casting distance, casting accuracy, rod sensitivity and overall comfort when compared with typical factory built rods. I construct all my rods using only the finest components from major manufacturers such as Batson, Alps, American Tackle, Fuji, St. Croix and many others.
Newest Custom Rods
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The 2013 iCast award winning Microwave line control system from American Tackle offers the smoothest and longest casting guide layout currently available.  Contact me and you can take the Microwave Challenge.
Spiraling the guides to the underside of a casting rod makes it more comfortable to use.  It eliminates tip twist when fighting a fish and makes the rod inherently stable, much like a spinning rod.  Contact me and you can take the Spiral Challenge
Microwave Challenge Spiral Challenge
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